The Other Side of Menopause – Six Remedies That Help Fast

The Other Side of Menopause – Six RemediesThat Help Fast Did you know there is more to meanopause?  No, I didn’t misspell it!  It’s really Menopause, but Menopause is what I call it sometimes! 🙂 Meanopause, I mean Menopause is a ‘BI-Arch!  Ebonics ladies – lol!  Translated it’s a Bitch and most of us who suffer…

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Menopause Not Just About Hot Flashes

Got hot flashes?! Natural ways to help with menopause symptoms!

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We Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through

Life has a way of presenting challenges that can make us feel horrible. But, no matter what life has thrown your way, look in the mirror and say to yourself – I don’t look like what I’ve been through. (Because you don’t!) I occasionally spend some time reading through the posts on our page.  It’s…

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Surgically Induced Menopause
surgically induced menopause

What Is Surgically Induced Menopause? Menopause – the bane to a women’s existence, but a naturally occurring condition as we age. Normal Menopause is the gradual decline of female hormones, particularly estrogen and progesterone.  Surgically induced Menopause is a result  of medical procedures that induce menopause.  Medical procedures like hysterectomies, Uterine Artery Embolization (UAE) or Fibroid Artery…

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5 Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp 50+
Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp 50+

Five Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp at 50+ The dreaded Age of 50+! We don’t ever want to admit it, but we’re there! Well I’ve gotten older, no doubt.  At 61 years of age, I’m not in denial. 🙂  Getting older can be a very frustrating thing to deal with when you realize you’re…

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Letter To God For 2018

Did you ever want to write a Letter to God?  Although I’m certainly no poet, it came to me and I just wrote it down as I heard it in my head.  Hope it helps and enlightens you for 2018.   Here’s my Letter to God for 2018? Dear God, Thank you for another year of…

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I’m a Long Distance Glamma!

I AM A LONG DISTANCE GLAMMA.  The last time I saw my grand and great granddaughters face to face was 1 1/2 years ago.   I don’t always get pictures and or telephone calls. I wear the name of Glamma proudly, but I don’t get to share in the day to day joys.  However, I can’t…

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16 Easy Steps To Baby Proof Your Home

Keeping Our Precious Grandchildren Safe. How do we do that? Here are 16 ways to baby proof your house for your grands.

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