How To Travel Easily in Middle Age

Traveling has never been my forte, especially flying.  But traveling is a necessary evil if you want to vacation or see family out of state, etc.  As much as I love to go to other places, it usually means flying  or driving for long distances (which I equally hate) 🙂  Let me tell you what I’ve learned and how to travel easily when you’re middle aged.

If you’re flying it’s crowded, people bumping into you, lines are long and waiting to board is a pain, right?  If you’re driving a distance, you need to gas up, drive long distances and stay awake and pay attention during your trip.

Here are a few tips that if you’re middle age or traveling with someone older, or for anyone – these tips can make your trip easier and more comfortable.

How To Travel Easily in Middle Age

In general the world thinks that middle age begins at 50+.  With a little advance planning taking a trip by plane or driving doesn’t have to be a big ordeal for you.  Here are 5 strategies designed to help older travelers keep comfortable during their traveling adventures.

Arline travel and/or driving to a destination with a little advance planning  doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. Following are several strategies designed to help older travelers keep discomfort to a minimum during their travels.

1.  Have Your Documentation in Order

If  you’re flying, getting through the security checkpoint will be a much simpler process if your documentation is in order as well as easily accessible. If you’re going out of the country, you’ll need a current passport.  Keep it handy until you board.

You should also have your drivers license, Medicare card if you have it, and copies of any prescriptions just in case you lose your medication while traveling.  Keep a few in your pocketbook or in a carry-on in case luggage gets lost.

2.  Hydrate Inside and Out

One of the major issues faced by middle aged travelers is the dehydration that airplane travel at high altitude produces. Keeping hydrated on the outside is also advisable — otherwise, you could end up with dry, itchy skin, so take plenty of lotion for the hands and face and rub it in often. Keep your intake of coffee, tea, soda, and alcohol during the flight at a minimum because all of these contribute to dehydration.

3.  Spring for the Best Seats

Seasoned travelers know that there’s a vast distance between first class seating and coach. Unless your trip is two hours or under, consider springing for a first class ticket as a way to optimize your personal comfort.

If the price of traveling first class is prohibitive, keep in mind that many airlines drastically mark first class tickets down if they have not yet been sold 24 hours prior to the flight. If a first class ticket isn’t possible for you, consider requesting an aisle seat in coach. This will make it easier to get up and down if you need to move around or use the restroom.

4.  Ask for Special Services

If you’ve got mobility issues or other conditions, don’t be afraid to ask the airline to accommodate you. Most airlines have seats that are reserved for travelers with disabilities.

You also have the option of informing the airline of any special dietary requirements if you are booking a flight that serves meals. Keep in mind that if you wait until just prior to boarding to request special services, the airline will most likely be unable to accommodate you.

5.  Dress for Comfort

Dress for comfort when you fly.  Most air flights have the air on full blast (I know I’m always cold).   Take an extra sweater or blanket.  Choose cotton clothing for its breath-ability factor.

Eliminate high heels or any other type of uncomfortable footwear. Besides pinching your feet, this could lead to serious slip-and-fall accidents while boarding or disembarking the plane as well as when navigating through the cabin on your way to the aircraft’s restroom.

Wear relatively loose-fitting clothing, especially if you’re wearing layers to accommodate changes in temperature. It’s also a good idea to not wear any type of dangling jewelry or medtal hair ornaments. Wearing strong fragrance is also discouraged particularly for people with allergies.

6. Security Checkpoints

Remember to dress appropriately keeping security checkpoints in mind. You’ll have to remove your shoes, so wear slip-ons; remove keys or anything else metal.

Ensure you are not carrying any liquid in anything over 4 oz on the actual flight as they will take it away and throw them away.

It’s always aggravating when that happens.  Remove hair pins or fancy hair ornaments as these may set the alarms off when you go through security causing additional delays if they have to examine  you.

Pack Books or Games

Time passes much more quickly while on a plane when you’ve got something engaging to keep your mind occupied. Take a book, magazine, or your favorite handheld game along to keep boredom from taking its toll.

Final Word

Traveling can be great experiences for those who are middle aged with proper planning and preparation to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.

Anyone ever feel that traveling as we get older becomes more of a hassel more than it ordinarily is?  Please feel free to reach out to tell us your tips and tricks to make your traveling hassle-free and comfortable.

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