Glamma or Grandmother Which Are you?

Welcome to the Glamma Zone!

Are you a Glamma or a Grandmother?  What’s the difference you might ask?  Well, I’ll tell you! 🙂

There is a serious misunderstanding in the current World about Grandmothers! Grandmothers have changed.  Women now  don’t want to be called Grandma or Grandmother because our image is drastically different than the old days.  Images of grandmothers in the ‘old’ days provide an image that is less than attractive.  But things have definitely changed in regards to how we look, act, feel in life and in our professional careers.

Today’s grandmother’s don’t want to be ‘Grandmother.’   The preferences range from Nani, Noni, Nana, and any number of name modifications because of the older image that comes with the title “grandmother”.  What the World’ needs to understand is that ‘We, i.e., Grandmothers’ are no longer the image of old, cringled, and bent over women.

Today – Grandma’s or more affectionately, called Glamma’s, are like me.  I may be a certain age (and no I’m not telling at the moment), 🙂 but I still feel 35-40 in my head!    Glamma’s are grandmothers where age doesn’t matter, but young in mind, body and spirit *is* what’s important!

Glamma’s  still have the wisdom of a grandmother, but we are sassy, up to the current trends,  wear trendy clothes, speak thevmodern lingo and have learned  experience as women, as wives, as mothers and finally as grandmothers.

Although we are getting older, we are still holding down jobs, traveling, dressing sexy, and enjoying life to the fullest, including our grandchildren.  The trend is that we have to keep up with modern technology and life in general.  Life is moving fast and if ‘glammas’ don’t keep up, we would not be able to function in this world.

A mother of three children, two girls and one boy, now grown with children of their own, I am a perpetual learner of life, loving life and living it just like I was when I was 40!   And I love, love, love my grandchildren! 🙂

This blog and our Facebook Page is a place of support where we can talk about the things young grandmother’s talk about! This blog  was created because there are a number of grandmothers out there who feel like me.  Young, Vibrate, Active, Working and Loving it!

Thank you for stopping by and joining us!  Check us out on Facebook at the First Young Glam-ma Grandmother’s Group!  Join us if you’re a grandmother, glamma, nana, nani or whatever you call yourself.  Come have some fun. We’ll always be here. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Glamma or Grandmother Which Are you?

  1. Kathleen says:

    Nice article – really enjoyed it. I guess I really am a Glam-ma. I think being a Grandmother is an honor along with the name that goes with it. In our current days, Grandmothers are no longer 60s and up (They can be as young at 30s). So, that was the start of the rebellion to the name. But, after reading this, I guess the new category is needed. My question is – do you ever become a Grandmother at some point?

    1. barbara.charles says:

      Thanks Kathleen. It’s true grandmothers are much younger now, but also even those over 50+ feel and act differently. Maybe it’s technology or how modern life is now. It kinda of forces us to stay on the move, stay healthy, etc. Women no longer like the image of the old-fashioned grandmother look or feel. 🙂

      I can’t answer your question about what point do you become a ‘grandmother.’ Do you mean the ‘old style’ grandmother look and feel? I think it depends on the grandmother. 🙂 I know I’ll always be a glamma – because in my head, my spirit is still 30-35 and I hope to always be so. 🙂

  2. Joann Pettiford Brooker says:

    I love your definition of a Glamma! I’m part of your Facebook group and enjoy the communication. I’m looking forward to getting more involved. Peace and love.

    1. barbara.charles says:
    2. barbara.charles says:

      Hi Joann,

      I think it’s a great title for who we are. 🙂 Thank you for being a part of the FB group. We do have a great group of glamma’s there. Enjoy and if you need anything, let me know. I’m only a PM away. 🙂


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