It’s Time to Pray! We need to encourage each other.

During the past several months, our lives have been battered with tragedies, disasters and disappointments.  To make matters worse, we are sitting waiting for hurricane after hurricane to visits parts of our country.  It’s Time to Pray!

There is a saying about “Six Degrees of Separation”.  Well it seems that all of us are 1, 2, or 3 degrees away from someone in Houston, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Florida, Georgia, and the North an South Carolina.  It’s Time to Pray!

We need to encourage each other.  It’s so easy to be down and feel helpless.  It’s up to us to encourage each other and ourselves.  Kind words, a smile, a listening ear, compassion; simple things that mean so much right now. It’s Time to Pray!

Whatever your faith; whoever your God – take a moment to offer a word of prayer.  It’s Time to Pray!


Lord, we pray Your emotional, physical, and spiritual protection over our children, grandchildren, families and friends. Keep harm far from us, and help us to trust You as our refuge and strength. We pray You will guard our minds from harmful instruction, and grant us discernment to recognize truth. We pray You will make us strong and courageous in the presence of danger, recognizing that You have overcome and will set right all things. Help us to find rest in Your shadow, as we live in the spiritual shelter You provide for us. Help us to know that the only safe place is in You.  Be with the many across this country and in this world who find their homes, families and livelihood in disarray.  Help them to be encouraged; help us to encourage them.  Help us to accept what has happened and to prepare for what will.  We thank You for never leaving nor forsaking us.  We pray that we offer You the same.  We humbly offer this prayer to You.  Amen

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