Changing of the Seasons in Your Life!

Autumn is here; the changing of another season.  We’ll be leaving the hot sticky days of summer and moving into the cool relaxing days of autumn.

Usually when people relate life to the changing of the seasons, it’s a one cycle deal. Looking at the big picture that can be true.  However, I offer you more.  We are blessed to experience and change seasons routinely.  It all depends on what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

We change seasons in marriage/love;  We change seasons with jobs; We change seasons as parents; We change seasons like we change our clothes.

Depending on your season, relax and enjoy.


SPRING – Everything is brand spanking new and wonderful.  We are so excited for the new adventure – experience.  We put our all into everything about it. Spring time is a time of awakening.


SUMMER – We’re hot and cooking now.  The newness is still there an we have found our groove.  It’s full of fun and adventure.  We see possibilities all over the place.  Our mind is creative and constantly looking for ways to make the excitement continue and blossom. Summertime is a time of enjoyment.


AUTUMN – We’ve settled into the routine and it’s comfortable.  We can coast with our eyes closed


WINTER – The season to shed the old to make room for the new spring season just around the corner

Seasons for us, if we are blessed, don’t go according to the traditional quarterly timeline. We each can experience 4 season in 24 hours!

The Four Seasons of Transformation

  • Summer: A season for rewards, celebration and fulfillment.
  • Autumn: A season for survival, mistakes and problems.
  • Winter: A season for reflection, hibernation and planning.
  • Spring: A season for learning, opportunity and dynamic thinking.

Life cycles through phases of transformation and change that are unavoidable, inevitable, and yet very manageable.  We can be in multiple seasons in various parts of our lives.  Spring as a Glamma; Summer as a Mother; Autumn in our personal lives/marriages; Winter with our parents. Personally, I am in Spring as a Glamma and my marriage, Summer as a Mother and Autumn in my personal life.  Each one I have welcomed for the unique beauty they add to my life.

Read about it.

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For Your Listening Pleasure!

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Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Celebrate the seasons of your life – CELEBRATE LIFE!

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