Whatsa Matter With Glamma?

What’s The Matter With The Word ‘Glamma’?

Glamma!  What’s a Glamma?  I consider myself a  Glamma. A grandmother who considers herself young in mind, body and spirit.  An article in the Huffington Post called The Problem With Glamma  noted that talked about ‘glamma’s, i.e., grandmothers as if we were crazy old women who didn’t want to get old.  I was deeply insulted by her reference.

She, a then pregnant young woman, didn’t like the word so she wrote a article criticizing grandmothers who want to be called glamma instead of grandma.  The article was insulting, from someone totally prejudiced and un-informed about being a grandmother.  She even noted “Don’t try to pretend to be something you’re not.’  Who said grandma’s are not glamorous?  Are you kidding me?

She was also pregnant which, to me, means she is too young to know what it’s like to get older, be middle aged, and have grandchildren.  Her image of a grandmother was described by her head is the granny like pics sitting in a wheel chair with grey hair and no teeth….telling us to ’embrace the image!  Ha!

All wrong nowadays.  Her quote was as this “Glamma, to me, sounds fake, pretentious and desperate. It smacks of someone who is terrified of aging, of being old enough to have grandchildren.  A panicked, desperate grab for some semblance of youth. To not be the stereotyped old lady in the rocker, wrapped up in a shawl.”   

Me – are you fricking kidding me?  

Too Young To Know

This author, has no conception of how insulting she was in her article.  I think she meant it to be funny, but it was insulting, disrespectful and nasty.

I’m 61 years old and I’m a fabulous Glamma.  Don’t like it – so what?  Why?  Because in my head, heart, body and spirit , I’m still 30.  In my head, there is no difference between whom I am as a Grandmother and who I was then.

I feel exactly like I did when I was 30.   Glamma’s are healthier, look and feel younger,  and we act younger because we are not old.  Only the body grows older….the spirit of the woman inside is not old as this author of the Huffintong Post article, Melissa Charles, (no relation) implies. I felt the same at 40, 50 and 60. Our bodies may age, but our spirit and all that was in the 30 year old body is still in the 60+ year old body.

We are as young as we think and feel at 50, 60, 70, etc.   I still love to dance and I do, regularly.  I still love music.  I still love to travel, read, visit friends, laugh, sing, and bounce to some very loud music when I’m driving my Lexus down the street! Ha!

I’m still sexy.  Yes, I still love sex.  Get over it if you think of a grandmother ‘getting it in is ‘Ewwww!  Well my answer to that is ‘screw you’…and grow up.

Miss Huffington Post – you will grow up one day, mentally and physically and you’ll be writing another article on how it feels to be a grandmother, a glamma.

There is no change in my mind.  I’m doing the same things you’re doing except, my kids are grown and I’m now free to do what I did in my 20’s before children.

How You Doing Glamma?

It’s a wonderful time of life!  It’s grown and carefree.  Its life with new babies (times when you can give them back to their mom or dad), and we can go on still enjoying life!  Besides gracefulness, wisdom, knowledge (yes they are different things!) being a Glamma is allllllllll that! 🙂

As long as we remain healthy in mind, body and spirit, Glamma’s (Grandmothers) are awesome!  We are smart having gained wisdom, experience in life and most of us know the way the world works, while the younger mothers are struggling their way through life.

We look good, smell good, walk and talk with beauty and grace.  We are healthier than we’ve ever been with all the knowledge out there on general good health for everyone!

Finally, we have the wisdom that comes with experience, age and dignity and love and everyone around us, who meets us, knows it.

So Ms. Huffington post who wrote that awful article when you have no idea what it means to be a beautiful, graceful, educated grandmother – change your mind, change your mindset because you will learn…one day.  Your day is coming when your image of a ‘grandmother’ will change when  you hit that grand old stage for yourself.



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