Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Brrrrrrr! It’s 8 degrees here!

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t experienced this type of cold in years.  Baby, it’s cold outside!

We can get through this though.  Make sure you take appropriate precautions, depending on where you are living.

Just a few suggestions to help everyone get through this cold snap.

Dress in layers; Don’t forget your gloves and hat. We lose heat from our heads, hands and feet.  Keep they covered.  Don’t forget to bundle up those grandbabies and limit your time outdoors.


Keep your skin moisturized. The extreme cold and heat can dry out your skin.


Make that recipe for soup that you always wanted to try. Nothing like something warm and tasty. Share your soup, chili and stew recipes with us.


Check on the elderly and remember them when you need to go to the store.  They might need something.

Pray for the homeless that are living on the street.

Get plenty of rest. You want to fight off the bugs and viruses.

Take some additional vitamin C. It gives an added boost to your system.


Stay Hydrated. The heat inside can dry you out.

For more information on how to keep safe and warm, read this!

Leave your comments.  Take a moment to share your recipes and tips for dealing with cold weather with your fellow Glammas.

Stay Warm,

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