How To Attract People In Your Life – Getting To Know You

This week I thought I’d write about something different today and have some fun with my readers.  

I was thinking the other day  how I’d really like to get to know some of the people I interact with daily so here’s a bit about me and it will be fun if you respond in kind.   My answers are in blue.  So it’s get to know you day!  See below to get to know me…

  •  What are you here for?  Meeting Friends and professional connections
  • My Life Interests:  Dog Lover (I’ve got 4 dogs), Parrot Lover (I’ve got an African Grey) – at one time I did Parrot Rescue and 30 parrots! 
  • What do you love?  My children, my husband, my grands, my friends, dancing, drawing, driving, etc.
  • Education: (I love learning! Anything!)
  • When’s your birthday:  My birthday is Sept 11 and that’s all I’m telling LOL!
  • Languages:  Do you speak another language?  I had 9 years of French, but remember very little of it now although when I hear it, I can still understand a lot of it.  I am fluent in American Sign Language and have many Deaf friends.
  • What’s Interesting About Me? Dedicated, hard working, funny, enthusiastic about life.  Love children.  Love animals.  A health and wellness consultant focusing on the natural and holistic health and welfare of all.
  • Religion: Baptist
  • What Do You Do To Relax:     Listen to music, Line dancing, Watch something senseless on TV
  • Eating Habits:  Low carbs, homemade healthy whole foods, almost vegetarian 
  • Wild Fact About Me:   If I tell I’d get in trouble!  So Uhmmm I’ll get back to you on this one LOL!  I’m crazier than I look!
  • My Love Philosophy:  Anything less than butterflies is not worth it!
  • What Gives Me Hope:  God and my faith, my children, good friends, love, successful struggles in life.


  • If I were Mayor, I’d make the world a better place by: Take all the abandoned, hurt and starving children in the world and satisfy their every need. Take in abandoned animals and find them wonderful loving homes. No person, woman, man, child would hurt. All would be healthy and well.
  • What/who changed my life and why:  What – Book of Eli. Inspired a deeper faith in God.  Who – Recently passed Kathleen Karter.  My Father.
  • What Bugs Me: Those who hurt others, steal from others, liars, injustice, evil people, cruelty, bullying, anyone who hurts women, children or animals.
  • Passions:  traveling, spirituality, reading, peace, natural health, my friends, my children, music, dancing, family, love, apple pie a la mode, animals
  • Inspirations:  my family, music, beauty of nature, beauty of children laughing and playing, kindness in any form, good people, fresh cut grass (reminds me of spring and summer), clouds (beautiful when flying and from on the ground, my dogs loyalty, the ocean (awe inspiring, strong, beautiful, powerful)
  • What Scares Me – Cruelty, greed, violence, my children being hurt, losing the ones I love, illness, ignorance and evil, hate, cruel people, criminals, being alone, abusive people.
  • Favorites:   Food – German Chocolate Cake, Apple Pie
  • Quotation: How did it get so late, so soon! ~ Dr. Seuss
  • Interests: Traveling, Spirituality, Mind, body, Spirit, Healthcare, Internet, Holistic health, herbs, gardening, computers, children
  • Books:  Anything to do with animals and nature, paranormal, spirituality, God, almost anything worth reading
  • Music – Everything – old school, new school, easy listening, soulful singing.
  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMovies: Lord of the Rings, Forrest Gump, Gone with the Wind, Fried Green Tomatoes, Eight Below …cried my eyes out on that one, Dances With Wolves, Avatar
  • TV Shows:  Final Fantasy, Legends of the Crystals, Charmed, American Idol
  • Favorite Foods: Vegetarian Chinese Food, Any kind of potato (mashed or otherwise), Chicken, Cheese cake
  • Favorite Places:  The ocean, the woods, the mountains, rainforests, my bedroom on a cold day, a fireplace on a cold night, home, Hawaii, California
  • Can’t Live Without:  Hope, friends and family, freedom, books, television, sunshine, shelter, peace of mind, my pets, my kids, music, love, laughter, Internet,

Well, that’s me!

Bottom line is, as we develop relationships and meet new people, gaining trust begins with them getting to know you and you getting to know them.   Then the whole world is open to you.

If you were to answer these (any of these questions (NOT ALL, your choices), what would your answers be?   Let’s have some fun.  Tell us about your deepest, darkest secrets!  Noooo, just kidding!

O.K. You start….answer your favorites from above.  Would love to get to know you better.

Have a blessed week?


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