Being Selfish – When Was The Last Time You Were SELFISH?

Often when we think of someone being Selfish, we look at it in a negative way.  We think of someone who thinks only of themselves.  They put their well being in front of everyone else.  They make sure that they are totally satisfied BEFORE they think of anyone else.  As females, mothers, wives, friends, daughters, sisters and even Glammas, we cringe at the thought of being selfish. Our DNA speaks – Giving of Ourselves. We have too many balls to juggle; too many responsibilities; too may other people that we have to tend to to make time to tend to ourselves!

But you know what, being Selfish is exactly what we need!  Ever hear the expression that ‘you can’t give what you don’t have’?  It’s true!  If we spend so much time pouring ourselves out to others, we will find ourselves with a vessel – pretty as it is – that is bone dry!  How can an empty vessel pour into others?  If we don’t have anything to give, how do we give to all these other people that are expecting so much from us?   When you get ready to fly a plane, they give you instructions.  They make it a point to say that if there is an emergency, to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!.  Make sure you are good, then take care of your children.  Why?  Because if you’re not good, you can’t do anything for them.  This is something that we need to practice on a regular – not just when flying.

I love the commercial when the mother says she is taking a sick day and everyone goes into shock. All she wants to do is take care of herself because she is run down.  The response is ‘what do you mean you need a rest?’ and ‘what about us’?  Her statement declared to all that she needed to take care of herself.  It was such a foreign concept for them to digest.  But why do WE wait until we are on our last leg before we be a little Selfish.

I must warn you, there is a thin line between being Selfish and SELFISH.  Being Selfish is self care.  Being SELFISH is being absorbed with self.  Remember, of the two,  we want to be Selfish.

When you spend time being Selfish, you spend time preparing you to take care of yourself, as well as all those other people that are so important in your life. You restore your energy and focus.  

Being Selfish is the best prescription for a healthy life – mentally and physically.  When was the last time you went dancing, to the spa, for a walk/run, read a book, meditated, took a yoga class, sang out loud, laughed until you were tired, played music and danced around the house (like no one’s looking), sat outside and let the sun caress your face – whatever makes you feel good.  WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME?    

So, do yourself and everyone you love and learn to be Selfish.  Make an appointment with yourself.  Choose a day, a evening or a few hours – EVERY  DAY or WEEK to spend time on yourself.  Do it on a regular. You won’t be sorry!

Take a moment to read a little something.

Reasons to Be Selfish

Here’s the biggest secret of all.  Taking care of you is not being Selfish.  

Spiritually Yours,

Kathleen Ridley Cheek,CEO, A Dream Come True & The Kat’s Meow at A Dream Come True

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