Letter To God For 2019

Did you ever want to write a Letter to God?  Although I’m certainly no poet, it came to me and I just wrote it down as I heard it in my head.  Hope it helps and enlightens you for 2018.   Here’s my Letter to God for 2018?

Dear God,

Thank you for another year of life.
Thank you for a life less full of strife.
Thank you for my eyes to open every day.
Thank you for giving me a minute of time to pray.

Thank you for the time I need to plan.
Thank you for my new baby boy grand.


Thank you for my children and their health.
Thank you for a full life for them and great wealth.

Thank you for my family, love and friends
 Thank you for giving me peace which will not end.
Thank you and bless those I see every day.
Thank you for giving me time to play 🙂

Thank you that I have awakened to see another year.  Thank you Lord for letting me be here.
Thank you for the many blessings you’ve bestowed upon me this year.
Thank you for teaching me not to fear.

I thank you for You will always care for me.  I ask that you continue your love and give me peace.
For all of us need your wisdom and love, we thank you Father for your holy mercy above.

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