5 Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp 50+
Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp 50+

Five Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp at 50+

The dreaded Age of 50+! We don’t ever want to admit it, but we’re there! Well I’ve gotten older, no doubt.  At 61 years of age, I’m not in denial. 🙂  Getting older can be a very frustrating thing to deal with when you realize you’re having a problem remembering stuff.  I try not to worry about it and instead relish in the thoughts that I’m wiser and smarter than the younger generation. 😉 

But sometimes it’s bothersome and frightening.

So, what do we do?  I keep mentally and physically active. As we hit 50+, we definitely lose track of things and forget more often.  It’s part of the aging process. Can’t be helped. It is what it is, right? But we can keep working to keep our minds sharp.

Our minds, no matter the age, can begin to deteriorate if  not used often. Keeping mentally active is imperative and 50+ is when it starts to get harder to stay on point.
Why Do We Forget Stuff? 

Besides the normal process of aging there may be other reasons that we forget.  Web MD states some of the following as reasons why people forget. “Stress and anxiety, ADHD, Depression, Alcoholism, Vitamin B-12 Deficiency, Drugs (prescription and over the county),” all of which should be addressed medically or with a support system.  

The point is as we get older there are a ton of reasons why we may forget so if there’s no medical reason for it, then there are ways that we can stay sharp by performing mental exercises on a regular basic.  Harvard University provides some ways to help improve our memory. Here are a few suggestions I use that help me.  

1.  Games

One way to keep mentally active is by playing games. In our computer age, there are many electronic games that keep us addictingly engaged. Yep, I’m guilty!  Bid Whist and Panda Pop are my downfall. 🙂

Our cell phones and iPads place games at our fingertips and include so many games I can’t keep track nowadays.  You can find and play whatever you like.  These games will keep you challenged.

Other things include crossword puzzles. Crossword puzzles are a great way to keep your mind sharp.  They don’t require a lot of time but do require intense thought. Filling out crossword puzzles also increases a variety of literary skills which is always very useful.

2.  Reading

One of the most effective methods to keep your mind sharp is by reading. Reading not only increases vocabulary, but it often inspires creativity and imagination. Creativity and imagination are indicators that the mind is still working well and clearly.  Besides building knowledge, reading can be relaxing with a good story.  

3.  Blogging or Writing

Want to challenge your mind, try blogging. Blogging is not easy and involves a number of activities to know and learn and it will certainly keep you on your toes trying to think of articles each week to write about. 🙂  

4.  Intellectual Arguments Or Debates

 One thing I like about our The First Young Glamma Group on Facebook is that we can get into some lively discussions. Intellectual debates and discussions requires participants to reason, defend an argument and provide intelligent responses. 

Debating requires critical thinking and analysis skills. Critical thinking and analysis are both mental activities which will help keep the mind in prime condition.

5.  Learning New Skills

As much as  I enjoy stimulating conversations, reading, and blogging I love, love , love to dance.   If you want to challenge your mind, take a dance class. 😉  Even though we may be 50+, we can still dance and enjoy it, probably contrary to the younger generation thoughts about us dancing lol!

My job also involves constant mental acuity on a daily basis.  It’s always jumping and something is always going on.  Working definitely helps us stay young!   So I’m not so sure I want to really retire! 🙂

Forgetfulness At 50+

When I started having trouble remembering things, there was no shame in my game when I realized it.  I headed straight to the doctor and she helped and reassured me that it was all normal. 

If your forgetfulness bothers you or you feel it’s out of control, please see a doctor.  There are so many other reasons like anxiety, depression, ADHD and others which can cause forgetfulness that may not seem like normal aging and there are natural and holistic remedies like CBD Oil to help.  It’s not all about being 50+ so if you’re worried, please see a doctor.  


What do you do to keep your mind sharp?  Other ways to keep your mind sharp can be seen here as well.  Do you play games, blog, dance, or some other physical activity?  Look into all of the above to help yourself.

Please leave a comment to help us stay on our toes! 🙂  There are plenty of us who could use the help.

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