The Other Side of Menopause – Six Remedies That Help Fast

The Other Side of Menopause – Six RemediesThat Help Fast

Did you know there is more to meanopause?  No, I didn’t misspell it!  It’s really Menopause, but Menopause is what I call it sometimes! 🙂

Meanopause, I mean Menopause is a ‘BI-Arch!  Ebonics ladies – lol!  Translated it’s a Bitch and most of us who suffer from it, know it.

The most notable issues that women complain about are the hot flashes. However, there are so many other things that we don’t discuss. Menopause symptoms can be mildly annoying to extremely irritating, so I wanted to address some ways you can get some relief.

1.  Fatigue and Sleeplessness

Fatigue and sleeplessness can be issues with menopause. Fatigue and exhaustion are characterized by extreme tiredness, drowsiness and sometimes an inability to focus.  One of my major problems! 🙂   Sometimes I feel like I have ADD as I can’t seem to focus long on one thing. 

Why?  Estrogen manages our energy and our vitality so when hormone levels drop so does your energy. That explains why we get tired or feel exhausted. 

Some women just crash making it impossible to get through their day.  This level of tiredness can have a critical impact on our day by day work.

Sleep aids (over the counter or doctor prescribed) can make you incredibly drowsy during the day.  I tried these as well and choose not to continue due to the day drowsiness making me near non-functional, but it is a possible choice for others who may not have the same effect.  You can possibly take them on week-ends if you need to get some sleep. 

What to do? 

I use CBD Oil to sleep.  Contrary to much of the news out there, CBD Oil will not get rid of your hot flashes BUT  CBD Oil is used for anxiety, sleeplessness (relaxes you so you can sleep), depression and moodiness that comes natural with menopause.  And it works!

 I personally use it and it helps me sleep through the night and definitely helps with anxiety and moodiness.  But get your CBD Oil for a good source.  Being popular now, most brands are not what they are advertised to be so  make sure you get it from a good source.  The best so far on the market is here.

It’s hard to say what the answer is but here is a link, describing how to increase your energy during menopause. 

2.  Night Sweats

Night Sweats are hot flashes at night.  We wake up in misery from that intense feeling of heat throughout our bodies.

Many women suffer from waking up regularly at night, like me, having a hot flash or night sweat.  We wake up with the bed soaking wet…and you have to get up, change to something dry and then try to get back to sleep.  Sleep interruptions can disrupt your next day and your evening and energy level.

What will help: 

Many women use the sleep member pillow cases which are said to help. They stay cool during the night and can help you cool down quickly during a hot flash.

Ceiling fans at night: I sleep with my ceiling fans on at night, winter, summer and fall. 🙂  An air conditioner with a remote and a timer in the bedroom.  I use both at various times during the night to keep cool.  There are ceiling fans in every room in my house. 🙂  And I use them winter, spring, summer and fall

3.  Irregular Periods

With the onset of early menopause a woman’s periods may become irregular.  I would get a period 1 month, then 3 months, then 1 month, then another 6 months. I never knew when it was coming!  This period of irregular periods is called perimenopause and can last a full year before your period actually stops.

You are not in menopause until your period actually stops for 12 months and does not return – THEN you’re in menopause.  And it took years before it actually disappeared. Thank God, I no longer have to worry about my cycle. 

It went away years ago but left the hot flashes and other menopause symptoms. 🙁 

What To Do?  Always be prepared.  I always carried something with me to ensure I was never caught off guard.  As far as I was concerned, my pads and tampons were like my lipstick.  I never left the house without it. 😊

4.  Mood Changes

You may suffer from mood changes.  I didn’t (that anyone ever mentioned to me) :), but I knew a ton of women who I was literally afraid to talk to!  At any given moment, I could have my head ‘bitten’ off for small inconsequential things.  

There were some relatives I was actually afraid to speak to.  Just like when we were young girls and all of our friends got their periods at the same time, it seemed like all the women in my family were around the same age and got menopausal symptoms all at the same time! 

Some would cry easily; some would ‘snap’ at people for no reason, some had horrible temper tantrums… the list goes on and it was awful! 

I wasn’t old enough at the time to really understand what they were going through (I was in my early 30’s), but I started to hate family gatherings! 🙂

What To Do:  Be aware when it happens.  Feeling like you want to cry all of a sudden? Unjustified anger?  Feeling off-kilter (not yourself)? means you may be having mood issues.

If someone else in the family (in that age bracket) is snappish and appears angry, chock it up to possible menopause.  When you recognize it, try to change it.  Take a breath, calm yourself; tell yourself it’s just part of menopause, settle down and move on.

5.  Weight Gain

So, with all the other stuff we have to deal with in menopause, weight gain has to be one of the BIG issues! Ugh!  I find that it’s more a re-distribution of weight that seems to settle in our middle stomach area. 

I was always small so weight gain didn’t bother me, however, the fact that it seems to re-distribute to the middle and make me appear a bit misshapen is what I complained about.  

What To Do?  Stay Active!  I got a Fitbit and started walking giving myself daily goals, as well as entering into weekly and daily online Fitbit Competitions to encourage me to stay focused.   One summer I lost 10 lbs. by increasing my activity.  I went from walking (2,000 steps a day) to 10,000 steps a day. 

I’d take a leisurely walk every evening (long summer days) with my husband.  It usually took us about 1 hour.  It was good for weight loss and also good for private time between us after the stress of a long day.

Weight gain is one of the things we have to get control of as it helps you feel better about yourself. 

Weight gain can also have detrimental effects on our blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetic states as we reach middle life, so get your sneakers and start walking or moving in some way

Vaginal dryness.   Dryness When Having Sex

Vaginal dryness is one of the worse symptoms of menopause and something we don’t normally talk about. At least in my book!  When estrogen levels drop, the vaginal tissue gets drier and less flexible. Many women lose their desire for sex, but it’s more about the dryness and mood that causes the decline.

This dryness can cause irritation and itching making it extremely hard to have intimacy with our spouses or significant others. 

Many men don’t believe in menopause. Get your partner or spouse to the doctor with you so they too can understand. But hearing from a medical doctor can help with understanding and help with the relationship.

There are many products on the market to help with lubrication and you can buy them from Walgreens, your local CVS or any drugstore.  They actually work and if you’re not worried about ‘hurting’ and ‘dryness,’ you will definitely relax and that will make it easier to be with your spouse or SO.

And yes, it may be hard to ‘get in the mood,’ but remember the romantic times, get a little wine, watch a movie in bed and relax and let nature take its course. 🙂

The Real Deal

The real deal is that everyone is different and different things work for different people.  What works for one, may not work for others as each individual’s hormones are ‘their own’ and there is no one size fits all to be comfortable in menopause. Even medication from a doctor has to be adjusted to meet the specific needs of each individual menopausal woman!  

The point of this article is to educate and to encourage.  Although you may be having a hard time with menopause, and you may not have found the ‘right’ solution that gives you the relief you want and need, there is relief out there.

Some people have found relief in taking soy, magnesium, dung quoi, or CDB Oil and other herbs and supplements.  If one thing doesn’t work, try another.  

So, what are your experiences lately?  Do you have trouble with memory, weight gain, hot flashes, sleeping? 

Would you like more information?  Leave me a comment below with your questions or email me at  Let’s share our experiences and help each other to get through this stage of life.






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