Six Things To Do When Glamma is Sick

Inevitably, life happens and every one gets sick, yep – even Grandma.   So let’s talk about when Glamma/Grandma is sick…especially one who is intricately involved in the care of the house, family and grand kids.  It’s important that we realize that we are human. That we can’t always do everything ourselves and it’s O.K. to take care of ourselves by asking others to pick up our workload. Even simple colds can put us down for a few days and prevent interaction with family and grand kids.  How can we get better quickly in order to get back into the lively household with our grands?  🙂 So here are 5 things to do for a quicker recovery when Glamma Gets Sick.

1.  Do *Not* Blame Yourself!

 It’s not our fault we have taken ill.  We are not super human. Life happens! But whe Grandma gets sick we have to make sure we take care of her. Don’t try to get up and stay involved with the family. If you’re sick and you need to take a rest. Take the rest!  Let the household and children responsibilities go to the parents and other household members (if they are living with you.) Plus, we don’t want to spread a cold or something else to the rest of the family, particularly our little grandchildren as they are the most vulnerable.

2.  Get Rid of the Guilt Feelings. 

Often when Grandma gets sick, we feel guilty, especially if the family heavily depends on us. Or if the grand and parents live with us, as many do now-a-days, we feel we might become a burden to everyone. There is a sense that we are probably letting every one  down.  With that ,we try to get up and get involved quicker, spreading the sickness throughout the family or personally taking longer to get well, because we got up and involved way too fast.

However, we must stop that way of thinking and focus on getting better and getting back into the swing of things and family. This type of thinking does not help our recovery so focus on getting better.  Our minds and negativity can keep us as sick as a germ!  Don’t let it.  Don’t worry. The illness will be over soon and we can get back into the swing of things.

3.  Take Time To Recover – Take Time For Yourself

It’s important to remember to rest and take time for ourselves even if it may inconvenience the family members or flow of things. Sleep, eating healthy, taking our meds and resting are all important to our overall well being.

4.  Activities While You Are Recuperating

It is extremely important that we take restful time alone, so we don’t become rundown or over stressed as we recuperate.  Here are a few things you can do to relax and not get overstressed while you are getting better.

Make sure you eat. I know when I’m sick, I don’t feel much like eating. But keep your energy up, even if it’s eating soup and crackers until you can take heavier food.  Food and nutrients are required for your body to build it’s immune system back up.

Make sure you drink plenty of fluids.  Cleansing the body will help you recuperate as well.  Make sure you don’t get de-hydrated

Read a book.  Keep your mind engaged as you rest up and recover. A lot of times we get up earlier than we should and get sick again as our bodies might still be in a weakened state. Slow down, rest, read a book and relax as your body recovers.

Watch a movie. Enjoy The Peace And Quiet: This is a good time to catch up on our movies. To often we want to get up quickly when our bodies are yet not ready.  End result, we get sick again. Stay in bed. Watch a movie. Take Your Meds Enjoy the peace and quiet and the rest until you feel better.

Get some fresh air. A few minutes or a 15 minute walk can clear your head, mind and heart and energize you. Don’t overdo it, but it is good to get up and walk around, get a breathe of fresh air to rejuvenate you for a minute or two while you are ill.  Note:  If you’re critically, ill, please make sure you do not get out of bed until cleared by a doctor.

Go for a walk.  If you are not chronically ill, exercise and fresh air will do you good. Don’t’ overdo it when recovering from a cold or illness.  Take your time, breathe and enjoy the exercise (even if it’s just 15 minutes of slow walking.)  Fresh air will always lighten your heart and clear your brain and the fresh air is good for you

Let Others Do The Work.  Let others do the laundry, or cook, cleaning and care for the baby grands, and don’t stress yourself that you aren’t doing it, You are not, in some way, letting them down. You are recuperating so you can be your best after the illness is gone.

5.  Follow Your Doctor’s Orders.

We often feel we know our bodies better, and what do doctors know? Well, a lot more than we do. 😊 In fact that’s why we go to them so they can tell us what is wrong, and what to do about it. We may not always like the answer, ‘cause we ain’t the doctor. 😉  Or because we think we know better because it goes against plans we have or a daily routine we gotten use to. But, if you don’t follow their instructions you could wind up in a worse situation. I remember a time after I had my appendix out. The Dr told me I could lift anything over 15 lbs for a week to two weeks, I started to get teary and he asked what was wrong I said, “ my cat is 22 lbs and every morning I pick him up and snuggle him.”

The doctor giggled a little, but then said that he was sorry. I couldn’t pick my 22 lb. cat up. My husband then suggested that he could hand him to me hold. Which brings us to the last suggestion when recuperating from an illness.

6.  Be Creative In Your Care

Look for ways around limitations that you have while you are sic. Like someone handing you an oversized cat. 😊

  • Get extra pillows to help support you in bed.
  • Get a bed tray so you can write in bed, or work on your computer.
  • Use a gripper to help pick up dropped items.
  • Get a stool or chair for the kitchen to sit on while you work instead of standing.
  • Best thing when you are ill is rest. Rest rejuvenates the body and it aids in healing it.

Enjoy the opportunity of the family taking care of you for a little while, cause you know how we grandma’s/glamma’s are. 😊  We want to be loving up on our grandchildren, but let’s make sure we are well FIRST so they don’t get sick and we can play and love up on ‘em all the time.

Thanks and hope this post finds you well and healthy!

God bless,

Meg LaRock

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