Free Fun things To Do With Your Grandchild

My grandson is four years old. Life is barreling along at rocket space speed and he’s grown so much in such a short time.  As soon as our grandchildren are born, it seems like they’re 3-4 years old before we know it.

We want to keep them entertained.  We are at a stage in time when things are changing at lightning speed.  We want to keep them occupied, but in the world of technology, many TV shows ‘babysit’ for our grandkids.  To tell you the truth, sometimes it’s easier to let them sit there and watch TV while you’re cooking dinner or something else that needs to be done at the moment, but we still need to interact with our grands and keep the busy and engaged in learning.  Although there is nothing wrong with Technology, we try our best to keep my youngest grandson engaged with life and other things, like you’ll find below. 

Also, many of us think we have to go out – take the kids out, spend a lot of money on them at facilities designed for kids play. Realistically though, that can get expensive so although that’s great once in a while, it’s always nice to have things we can do with the grands at home or nearby on a regular basis.

These activities will include glamma and grandparents working together to entertain themselves. 😊  Being a young grandmother, we have to find things to do with our grands, preferably FREE things to keep them entertained. The things listed below may seem childish, but they are children <wink…wink> 😊 and will enjoy every minute with the right motivation, enthusiasm and fun motivated attitude.  Bet you, as a glamma, will also enjoy the time, comradery and fun too.

Without further ado, here are 3 free things you can do with your grandchild to keep them busy when they visit.

  1. Bake A Cake or Brownies – Nothing fancy – Keep It simple

In our very busy day, I find buying the boxed cake or brownies easy to do for a hands-on type of grandchild. It doesn’t get too much out-of-hand using all the ingredients of baking a cake or brownies from scratch, but either way it a good way of bonding and having fun.

I usually buy boxed Brownie ingredients OR cake mix from the local super market or better yet make from scratch.  (Either way you will need the same ingredients.)  Let them pour the milk, or add whatever ingredients are needed.  Make a big deal out of it when they pour! (Kids are so easy to please) 😊

Kids are also really excited about eating what ‘they’ve’ cooked!  I’ve seen that look of pleasure and anticipation many times and it gets you in the heart each time, especially when they know they’ve helped their grandma/glamma.   How much fun will your grandchild have doing the following:

  • Help you gather the ingredients (eggs, milk, boxed cake mix, if used), flour, etc.
  • Let them add the ingredients in the bowl as you hand them the ingredients.  
  • Let them pour in everything except the eggs (See Note below).
  • Let the grands stir the mix, or turn on the mixer (Make a BIG DEAL out of the mixing of all the ingredients as they are blended.)  It’s fun, Yeah!
  • Let your grandchild get the cookie sheet, cake pan or whatever you will put the cake or brownie mix in. * (I prefer to do brownies or cupcakes so you can decorate the brownies with sprinkles or icing and It’s easier for the grands to handle what they’re doing.)
  • Place the brownie sheet or cupcakes in the oven for them.
  • Make a big deal out of setting the timer!. Show them where the arrow will go from the start so they’ll wait in anticipation.  Make a big deal out of it! 
  • Watch the clock together so they will wait in anticipation.  When the timer goes off, make sure you dance, clap and sing Hooray!  They get such a kick out of that! 😊

Finally, if you’re adding frosting to the cake or cupcakes, make sure they get to do that!  You’ll see them lick their fingers with great smiling faces!  Don’t FORGET the pictures! 😊

Note: Be Careful with the Eggs (make sure they don’t crack it and then put their hands in their mouth. Glamma should probably do the eggs. 😊

  • Having A Glamma/Grandchild Sleep-Over
  • Make sure there is playtime and everyone gets to run some energy off (see below).
  • Cuddling in the Bed.  Nothing better than sleeping with Glamma!  Cuddling up together in the bed is awesome and gives them a sense of support and companionship
  • Have a cup of tea while they have a glass of their favorite beverage like chocolate milk or juice together before bed.
  • Read a story before turning out the lights and going to sleep or while you’re cuddling in bed
  • Set up a tent in the living room (if you have older grands!). Yes, this may sound silly, but if your grands are old enough (not babies that should be in cribs), the grands and you will get a kick out of having a sleep over in a tent in the living room or spare room with Glamma
  • Get the blankets out, wrap up, read a story as you settle down in the tents.   Don’t want to sleep on the floor, if you have a pull-out coach, use it!  😊  Have fun!

Note: If you have a tent, cool.  If you want to buy one for a place that sells real tents, do so and set it up in the living room. You can also be creative with sheets and make tents in the room of your choice.  Even put mattresses under the tent. Yep, it can be done!

  •  Setup a Glamma/Grandchild Movie Night
  • Setup Movie Night.  In the Living Room or Den or where ever the TV is located. 
  • Rent, start a video and set up a great Movie for the grands and you to see.
  • Set up the Movie on Netflix, DVR (if you still have one 😊 ) or rent from your favorite DVD place or show your own. Most of the movies can be rented from your local Cable channels now. So, investigate what the grand would like to see, get the healthy snack or pop corn (if they’re old enough) and watch a good movie.
  • Make sure the healthy snacks are available. 😊
  • Start the movie.
  • Enjoy!
  • Go To A Park

My husband, affectionally called Pop-Pop, gets his exercise daily by taking our grandson to the park. Simple, easy and all the things you need are there.

My grandson, with helmet in hand, at age 4, grabs his bike and the two of them go off, my husband, running or walking along side. The playground is about ¼ mile up the street.  He rides his bike while pop-pop carefully watches walking along side.  At the Playground, there are jungle gyms, slides, kid sized basketball hoops, and other kids.  All the things we used to do as kids, but we don’t seem to see so much anymore. An hour or two later, they come back and both take a nap. 😉 LOL!

All of these things are simple and easy, and I think with all of our technology, we’ve forgotten that the simple things are usually the most endearing things and loads of fun.  Don’t forget about the easy things we can do to enjoy your grandchildren and to give them valuable time and love. And remember to always take pictures for those precious memories!

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