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Whatsa Matter With Glamma?

What’s The Matter With The Word ‘Glamma’? Glamma!  What’s a Glamma?  I consider myself a  Glamma. A grandmother who considers herself young in mind, body and spirit.  An article in the Huffington Post called The Problem With Glamma  noted that talked about ‘glamma’s, i.e., grandmothers as if we were crazy old women who didn’t want to get old. …

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Stages of Menopause What You Need To Know
Do You Know The Stages of Menopause

Do You Know the Stages of Menopause? There are 3 Stages of Menopause.  I learned about this much later in life, hence this article is to educate others who will go through this, eventually.  Women can range from early ages of 30’s until much later ages. No matter the age (as every woman is different),…

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