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Six Things To Do When Glamma is Sick

Inevitably, life happens and every one gets sick, yep – even Grandma.   So let’s talk about when Glamma/Grandma is sick…especially one who is intricately involved in the care of the house, family and grand kids.  It’s important that we realize that we are human. That we can’t always do everything ourselves and it’s O.K. to…

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Whatsa Matter With Glamma?

What’s The Matter With The Word ‘Glamma’? Glamma!  What’s a Glamma?  I consider myself a  Glamma. A grandmother who considers herself young in mind, body and spirit.  An article in the Huffington Post called The Problem With Glamma  noted that talked about ‘glamma’s, i.e., grandmothers as if we were crazy old women who didn’t want to get old. …

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