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The Other Side of Menopause – Six Remedies That Help Fast

The Other Side of Menopause – Six RemediesThat Help Fast Did you know there is more to meanopause?  No, I didn’t misspell it!  It’s really Menopause, but Menopause is what I call it sometimes! 🙂 Meanopause, I mean Menopause is a ‘BI-Arch!  Ebonics ladies – lol!  Translated it’s a Bitch and most of us who suffer…

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Menopause Not Just About Hot Flashes

Got hot flashes?! Natural ways to help with menopause symptoms!

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Surgically Induced Menopause
surgically induced menopause

What Is Surgically Induced Menopause? Menopause – the bane to a women’s existence, but a naturally occurring condition as we age. Normal Menopause is the gradual decline of female hormones, particularly estrogen and progesterone.  Surgically induced Menopause is a result  of medical procedures that induce menopause.  Medical procedures like hysterectomies, Uterine Artery Embolization (UAE) or Fibroid Artery…

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Stages of Menopause What You Need To Know
Do You Know The Stages of Menopause

Do You Know the Stages of Menopause? There are 3 Stages of Menopause.  I learned about this much later in life, hence this article is to educate others who will go through this, eventually.  Women can range from early ages of 30’s until much later ages. No matter the age (as every woman is different),…

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7 Ways to Manage Hot Flashes!

I’m the queen of hot flashes!  Since the age of 44 or so, I started having these dreaded things!   Hot flashes usually start in menopausal women near the early 50’s.  Yes, for me it was early, and I didn’t know any way to manage  them .  However,  over the years, I’ve found a number of…

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How To Keep Your Mind Sharp When You’re 50+

How To Keep Your Mind Sharp When You’re 50+ Well I’ve gotten older, no doubt I’m not in denial.  Forgetfulness seems natural now, but very aggravating to me. I recognize it and some days I’m o.k. with it and other days, I’m just not. On those days, I try not to think about it and…

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